Hello, my name is Tyler Lemermeyer and I have been working as a freelance multidisciplinary creative since 2012 in Calgary, Alberta.  

With each project I work with a restricted and vibrant colour palette to create a final product that is both playful and bold. When working digitally I aim to retain a traditional look through the use of textures and ‘imperfections’. My style is ever evolving in the process of seeking the perfect balance between abstraction and realism. 

I worked as a bike messenger for 8 years and developed serious street cred’ and huge legs. It was both exhilarating and fulfilling, but I quit to pursue my passion in the creative industry. When  working on current projects I like to incorporate elements of cycling into them to share that component of my identity.

A sketchbook and a plethora of paint markers are never far away. In them I draw inspiration from the world around me, documenting urban environments, people and objects.

I am a well practiced illustrator and muralist with experience working in animation. I am available anytime to discuss upcoming and potential projects as well as share my in-depth knowledge of #messlife. 

Email me and lets make something awesome together!

t: 403.604.9085

Client list
Tourism France, Weill Cornell Medicine, Honda, ATB, Deerfoot City, Telus Spark, City of Calgary, YYC BUMP, BRON Animation, National Film Board, Wax Partnership, 123 West, Wallop, Avenue Magazine , Social West, ParkFine Mesh, Sled Island